About Rock Inn and Café

A small town hidden amongst the mountain range of Cordillera, Sagada is best known for rekindling the spirit of adventure in both travelers and sightseers. But amidst its hostile beauty, the unforgiving rocky terrain, and stinging cold temperature, comfort and relaxation awaits in a hideaway known as the Rock Inn and Café.

This nine-hectare paradise in Batalao, Sagada was once known as Rock Farm. Acquired in 1993 by Fely Capuyan Omengan, it was first developed as an orange orchard with popular varieties such as Ponkan and Washington Navel. However, due to the demand of tourist influx in this fine holiday region, Rock Farm was transformed into a unique hideaway from the metro life, and is now more popularly known for its inexpensive accommodations, complete meeting facilities and palate indulging cuisines.

Nestled in an idyllic scenery of orange grove and a verdant pine forest, Rock Inn and Café is undoubtedly the place to be. Its charming location on the edge of limestone rocks is framed by an imposing scenery of greeneries. Every guest is greeted with an unpaved road to a quiet respite, of glittered blossoms and welcoming smiles. From the landscape to the architecture, the skillful and coherent meeting of the indigenous and modern luxuries are also prevalent. Hence, giving you the unrestrained promise of a complete Sagada experience without compromising the comforts of home.