Rock Inn Cafe Bodega in Sagada

Café Bodega

Launched in 2005, Café Bodega is a casual fine dining restaurant located inside the green-lush compound of Rock Farm, Sagada. Best known for its wide array of cuisines, the café is a definite source of gastro pleasures.

Café Bodega offers guests and diners an opportunity to pamper their taste buds with sumptuous Western and Filipino cuisines, as well as popular Cordilleran dishes. All of which rooted from Sagada’s unique cooking traditions, wherein the freshness and healthfulness of the ingredients are of paramount importance.

Aside from an eclectic menu of mouth-watering goodness, the café is also popular for its exceptional hospitality and rustic ambient founded from the harmonious combination of beautiful indigenous elements and modern luxuries. Initially built as a warehouse, it was later renovated with the help of David Baradas, a well-known curator in the Philippines.

The result—a dining hall which is an experience by itself. Every nook and cranny was well thought of. The concrete floor is a rusty red accented with pasted chunks of pinewood. The high ceiling was covered in wooden bamboo splits which are locally known as Sawali. The walls, on the other hand, are made out of Runo—the sturdy grass that grows abundantly in the immediate surrounding area. At the far end of the dining hall, two huge windows were installed overlooking the orange orchard. The fixtures and furnishings are refurbished indigenous crafts. Aside from the enormous dining hall, the café also has an open veranda where guests can dine al fresco.

Because of this rich connection to Sagada’s indigenous culture and cuisines, Café Bodega has become a popular dining destination throughout the years. It has opened its doors, not only to guests in seek of peaceful refuge, but as well as to cultural travelers and gastronomes.