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Orange Orchard

With its sun-kissed soil and crisp mountain air, Sagada is one of the most perfect locations in the country to cultivate several orange varieties. That’s why it is no surprise that amidst the towering pine trees and ancient limestone formations, Rock Farm still boasts a prosperous orange picking yearly—an unforgettable experience that we are more than glad to share with our guests.

For more than two decades, Rock Farm has flourished as one of the few orange orchards in the Philippines. More than a quarter of this four-hectare wonderland have been allotted for cultivating orange varieties such as Ponkan and Washington Navel. Just beyond the Rock Inn’s concrete walls and the café’s massive windows is a trail bound to please. An awe-inspiring view of hundreds of orange trees—this little piece of land allows guests to relax and dine in a view of green lushes dotted with sweet tangerine goodness.

Everyone is welcome to explore the orchard through a flight of stone-paved stairs. Along the trail, guests have the opportunity to mingle with growers, pick oranges, and bathe in the sweet citrus scent. For a small price, they can also grab a bag of their own produce, and share it with friends or family.

Although the harvesting of oranges reaches its peak in late October to early January, the orchard is always open for guests who want to add a unique activity to complete their full Sagada experience. Whether for a day, a weekend or longer, visitors will surely enjoy this unique countryside experience in Rock Inn and Café.