Where to Eat in Sagada

Enveloped in verdant mountain ranges, towering pine trees, and just the right amount of cold breeze, Sagada is no doubt a favorite destination for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. However, the small town is not only best known for its scenic views and the rip-roaring adventures. A full Sagada experience is also about pampering your taste buds to some of the most sumptuous food their local restaurants offer.

To satiate your gastro pleasures, below is a short list of must-try restaurants and cafés around Sagada.

Yoghurt House


Photo by Paul Capuyan Ballola

Situated in the town center, this two-floor restaurant is the home to the original dairy goodness that has swept Sagada by storm. But don’t be fooled because the place is not just about exceptional yoghurt, it is also a restaurant that best serves ready-to-share, healthy fix for the most affordable price. From pancakes and yoghurt-based desserts to pastas and protein recipes, their menu truly defines home cooking.

Plaited and furnished with Sagada pine wood, the interior also adds up to the coziness of the place. The ceiling and walls are decorated with indigenous crafts, as well as photos of ancestors depicting Sagada’s affluent culture. That is why it’s no surprise that this restaurant has become a one-stop shop for those who are hungry for good food and some piece of knowledge on the town’s traditions.

 Ristorante Biag

Ristorante Biag

Photo by Paul Capuyan Ballola

For a taste of sumptuous, yet affordable, home-cooked Italian recipes, Ristorante Biag is one of the newly opened hideaways in Sagada that is worth visiting. Their pizzas, pastas and smoothies are must-try, but to truly taste the culinary talent of their chef, try skimming through their special menu. They are rapidly gaining popularity because of their authentic take on favorites such as lamb chop, roast pork and baby back ribs—all served with baked potatoes or rice, and fresh vegetable salad.

Located in Bangaan, Ristorante Biag is just a 5-minute drive from the town proper. For a no-wait meal, it is best to call or text them for reservations.

 Log Cabin

Log Cabins

Photo Courtesy of  Log Cabin

Like any other classic log cabins, this restaurant gives the ambient of comfort and relaxation but with a dash of elegance. Located near the town center, along Sagada-Besao Road, The Log Cabin is a gastro paradise with an eye for refinement in both food and architecture. With its wood-paneled walls, chandeliered ceiling and elevated stonewall fireplace, this is the perfect spot to keep yourself warm and your tummy even warmer amidst Sagada’s cold weather.

Prepare to dine in luxury as they serve you with the most delectable European and Oriental cuisines. From appetizers to desserts, all meals are carefully prepared from the freshest organic ingredients that are available locally. For a reasonable price, you could also reserve and indulge in their Saturday dinner buffet which starts at 7 in the evening.

Gaia Café and Crafts


Photo by Paul Capuyan Ballola

Good food is best enjoyed with a picturesque view, and at Gaia Café and Crafts, that’s just what you’re in for.

Beyond its rickety façade, Gaia is a notable haven for vegans, vegetarians and organic-food loving travelers when in Sagada. Their all-veggie and ultra-healthy dishes range from creamy vegetable soups to delectable pastas and local cuisines.

Inside, the quaint tree house is adorned with mosaic tiling, hand carved furnishings and stained-glass windows—a rustic picture completed by the Kapay-aw scenery on the backdrop. They also have a mini library where vegan bookworms can feast, and a small craft shop where you can buy all kinds of local trinkets and souvenirs. Located in the South Road, this café is also a great stop for relaxation after hours of exploring the Sumaguing Cave nearby.

Café Bodega

Rock Inn Cafe Bodega in Sagada

Photo by Paul Capuyan Ballola

With the entryway shrouded in blooming vines and greeneries, and the interior—an awe-inspiring realization of comfort and ingenuity rolled into one, Café Bodega seems like a gastro wonderland straight out of a high-end lifestyle magazine. This hidden gem nestled within the rustic comforts of Rock Inn is just another way to completely enjoy your stay in Sagada.

Similar to most restaurants in the town proper, all dishes from their kitchen are made with the freshest, locally-grown and raised ingredients. Their house specials include the local delicacy Pinikpikan, the ever-heartwarming Bulalo, and the out-of-this-world Chicken Reds. For drinks and desserts, their not-too-sour, not-too-sweet yoghurt mixes and lassies are well-recommended.

Though the place is a welcoming haven to lone travelers who seek privacy and for couples who are in for a romantic getaway, your visit here could also be best enjoyed with families and friends. Aside from the in-house dining area, the bar and dap-ay outside is also available for more intimate talks and one-of-a-kind dining experience.

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